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What is ARQUERO?

Integrated and Integral Security Solution

Unified platform to operate and supervise every security subsystem of a facility.

All-In-One software that gathers under the same graphic and management environment: access and presence control, intrusion and fire detection, video surveillance, audio, time attendance and building automation systems. 

Security / Autonomy / Flexibility / Extensibility

Security systems interoperation

Arquero leads the integration of systems beyond. 

Not only the operator can manage different security systems with a single platform, but it is the system itself that carries out automatic actions on each one of the elements basing on events and security profiles.

Independence from suppliers

In Arquero equipment from multiple manufacturers is integrated avoiding the client's dependence on a single supplier.

This autonomy enables, at every installations managed by Arquero, updating field elements at the same pace that the market and technology evolve, without any type of dependence on a particular manufacturer.

Automation of actions

Arquero is a proactive system that reacts automatically to certain conditions that may endanger the security policy implemented.

It allows defining automation rules that are activated by event or timing, capable of generating internal notifications and executing concrete actions in real time and without human intervention.

Highest reliability level

In Arquero prioritizing safety is our motto. Therefore, being aware that security remains as an Internet's 

unfinished business, Arquero keeps opting for a standard client-server architecture. So that a flaw in the online information system can never jeopardize the inviolability of the physical facilities and related emergency systems.

All this without renouncing the latest advances in IoT, cloud computing and mobility where they add value.

Bidirectional graphic management

Integration with the different security and control systems is bidirectional. From Arquero you can monitor the status of all elements in real time and operate on them if necessary. The supervision and operation of the different managed systems is totally graphic and intuitive, representing the installation and all its elements through interactive synoptic maps.

Data privacy and authenticity 

All Arquero modules apply  the most up to date communication security technology (TLS) and user identification (X.509 certificates).

Privacy and authenticity of data transmitted between the different modules of the system are guaranteed through the use of strong end-to-end encryption algorithms.

Unlimited scalability and multitenant views

From the most specific to the most general view, Arquero hierarchizes the installation in different levels through logic trees and sets.

There is no limit in the number of an installation's elements managed by Arquero. This means that the solution can grow without limit once implanted.

In addition, every Arquero application allows multiple views depending on the access profiles, that are also unlimited.

Integration within the corporate IT ecosystem  

Arquero integrates naturally within the corporate ecosystem of technological solutions,

by aligning not only with the Security Department requirements, but also with the IT Division and the whole corporation needs.

Integration with Active Directory, databases synchronization, native connection to databases, virtualization and alerts notification (SNMP, SMS, email), are just a few examples.

High availability architecture

Arquero has high availability architecture with redundancy and automatic failover in the main modules of the system. This architecture provides a robust and reliable configuration, 

reducing to the minimum failures and downtimes of the system caused by computing, communication and electric elements not belonging to Arquero.

Installation and management flexibility

Integration of different manufacturers enables Arquero to be installed in a facility with preexisting and new equipment, coexisting both within the same system.

Aquero, even being a corporate system, supports a decentralized management by allowing multiple administrators with different permissions and responsibility areas.

Adapted dimensioning

Arquero is an integration platform tested for all types of facilities, regardless of their size and sector.

It allows a dimensioning totally adapted to the needs of the client, being common in Arquero from unattended, compact and multilocation installations to large scale corporate projects. 

Advanced analysis of events and indicators

Arquero can supervise information related to security, and corrective and preventive maintenance. 

Arquero has powerful analysis tools that provide essential indicators and support to proactively identify security weaknesses.  

The analysis carries out through the report generation on demand or automated in accordance with a schedule and an email distribution list.

In addition to these own capabilities, Arquero is integrated with Business Intelligence tools such as Power BI.

Arquero has a high availability architecture with redundancy in the main modules of the system
that provides a higher MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and minimizes service downtimes caused by computing, communication and electric elements not belonging to Arquero.
This type of installation requires all the devices integrated in Arquero communicate by TCP/IP protocol.



in Control


Each Concentrator has a mirror replica installed in another computer

This replica is activated and takes control  when the initial activated Concentrator fails

Redundancy in Management

Main Server coexistence

with a Secondary Server

Backup Server comes into operation immediately if the Main Server fails

Auto failover function becomes available by adding the following improvements to the basic architecture:


Arquero standard version follows a three tier architecture,
respect to the Information Management System (Configuration and Exploitation)
and to the Physical Security Systems Management (Monitoring and Operation):



Tier 3:

System configuration and access to historical record of event logs

Tier 2: 

Arquero Server

responsible for interacting with the DBMS, receiving real-time information from concentrators and providing services to the applications


Tier 1:

Database Management System, LDAP server

and Email and SMS servers

*if they are available

Arquero basic Arquitecture


Security Systems

Tier 3:

Control Center to visualize all the elements status in real time and operate on them

Tier 2:

Arquero Concentrator/s responsible for standardizing communications with field devices

Tier 1: Integrated security and control devices

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