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Access Control

Its wide scope and integration capacity make Arquero one of the most complete and powerful access control solutions in the marketplace.

Arquero Access Control allows the centralized global management of facilities, administrators, employees, visitors and vehicles by using the latest technologies and the most advanced functionalities.

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Intrusion Detection

The services offered by Arquero regarding the intrusion system include from monitoring detectors and partitions to managing maintenance.

Control panels, sensors, partitions, digital outputs, keyboards and expanders are integrated with the rest of elements in the synoptics of the Control Center allowing a totally graphic monitoring and management.

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Fire Detection

The services offered by Arquero regarding the fire system include from monitoring detectors to managing maintenance.

Fire signals are integrated with the rest of elements in the synoptics of the Control Center allowing a totally graphic monitoring and management.

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The CCTV system plays a fundamental part of Arquero by allowing the verification of the signals from the rest of modules (access, intrusion, fire, technical signals) in a simple and automated way.

Its proactivity grants the reduction of the response time avoiding mistakes.

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Video System

Audio System

The sound/audio system in Arquero allows to use advanced hearing, intercom and public address functionalities at all times to support the rest of modules (access, intrusion, fire, technical signals) becoming an element of great help in risk situations.

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Arquero Time & Attendance is an effective tool for supporting the productivity of the corporations that allows to manage in a flexible and efficient way the activity of their workforce being at the same time a motivational element for the fulfillment of the workday and a source of analysis for decision making.

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Time Attendace Control 

Building Automation

Originally the inclusion in Arquero of Building Automation elements comes from their interaction with security subsystems.

Currently Arquero possibilities in this field position it as a true BMS (Building Management System) capable of adapting to both corporate and residential customer. 

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Virtual Operator

Arquero evolves with technology offering a novel solution that goes far beyond the event reception and management of conventional ARC (Alarm Receiving Centres).
Arquero Virtual Operator mission consists of extracting relevant information for decision making improving resource efficiency.

The application of advanced operational intelligence allows anticipating and preparing for incidents, optimally managing response work and learning from past situations. 

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